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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Flower Garden Bag

Flower Garden Bag
Originally uploaded by Cloth cat
Don't seem to get much time for crafting at the moment, but did manage to make a small handbag for one of my friends daughters last month. These a quite an easy make and they're a good way to use up the jelly roll strips I bought a while back and have been wondering what to do with (though could just curse myself for not getting a coordinating fabric from the same range - now discontinued - to use for the lining. Just goes to show you really should bag that fabric while you can even if you don't know what you're going to use it for (ahem).

Quite shocking to see that the last time that I blogged was Easter - not very good going. I've had to switch comments on to moderation now after that last post was deluged with spam comments in chinese (?) script.


Joanne said...

love the flower! Know what you mean about time for crating & blogging being lacking - sometimes life outside the internet comes first!

Hot Tin Roof said...

What an adorable bag! I feel your pain...always not enough of some things, too much of others;) My problem is how to use up small scraps in a time-efficient way. I suppose I should allocate one day a month as 'piece-work' day. That way, I could build a stock of pre-pieced fabrics! ...right...