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Saturday, 12 April 2008


I saw this packet mix in Sainsburys the other day and just couldn't resist getting it if only to have the cookie cutter. I rationalised it to myself at the time that I was buying them because Calum would have great fun baking them with me - yeah right! It's not as if he's even seen an episode of Dr Who yet. Anyway I had great fun baking them and they aren't too bad taste wise for a packet mix, but I think in future I'll be making them as gingerbread biscuits with chocolate chips for the round bulb bits (not sure what the technical term is - maybe a Dr Who afficionado can advise me).

Sunday, 6 April 2008

A little bit of history

Couldn't resist buying this wooden bobbin with white merino roving from Wingham Woolwork when I saw them in their newsletter. They come from worsted spinners Joseph Horsfall of Halifax which have now closed down. Wingham Woolwork bought up all their stock of wool and it came on the bobbins that they used for spinning. Each bobbin holds about 1kg of roving so it should keep me busy for a while. I'm planning to knit, felt and dye some handbags from it.

Saturday, 5 April 2008


I thought I'd share with you the link Ichiro sent me to the lovely Sakura photos: http://www.imamiya.jp/haruhanakyoko/haruhana/photograph01.htm

New Fabrics

New Fabrics
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I'm really not supposed to be buying any new fabrics at the moment. I have a huge stash that I haven't had time to do much with, but when hippyofdoom posted the link to Ichiro's Kimono Fleamarket website I just couldn't resist! I have to say the service from Ichiro was fantastic - very polite, prompt delivery and they've sent me some beautiful pictures of the cherry blossom (sakura) which is currently in season.

Front Page Glory

Yay! Thanks to Curiositykilled's fabulous treasury that she was so kind to include my rose garden brooch in I found myself on the Etsy front page today when I logged in. Congrats also to all the other great UK'ers who also featured. Great timing as my shop could do with a bit of a boost as I haven't had much time to make new things for it recently t's been languishing a bit. Hopefully this will give me the spur to rev it up a bit.