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Monday, 23 February 2009

New Arrival(s)

I'm pleased to annouce the arrival at last of my new little bundle. Like her brother she was 6 days late in the end (boy do you feel about to burst by that point), but unlike him she had a very quick and relatively painless delivery (well ok not really that painless, but it went on for a lot less time so it was much more bearable). The first couple of nights were a bit of a nightmare as she decided she wanted to stay up and feed all night then sleep all day, but she's managing to sleep for 3-4 hr stretches through the night now which is a bit more bearable. Luckily she seems a very contented baby for the most part - doesn't cry much, but instead mews a bit like a cat! Major hurdle now is trying to balance all the time I need to spend with her feeding etc with trying not to leave out my very boisterous 34 month old son and keep him entertained and happy - talk about exhausting! I've been lucky to have my parents down this last week, so he's been showered with their attention, but now they've gone back home it'll be a different story.

On a slightly different tack, there has also been another new arrival in the area recently. When I went to the post office round the corner a couple of weeks ago, I was surprised (and delighted) to see that the betting shop opposite had now become a haberdashery/knitting shop. Previously I have had to hike all the way into Reading to get a decent selection of yarn, but now I have somewhere 5 mins round the corner from my house - talk about dangerous, especially with all the lovely baby patterns they have there!