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Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year, No Resoloutions

Happy new year to you all. As you can probably see this blog has been desperately neglected this past year what with various things going on (building work on the house, panic stations at work following a poor inspection and general running round after a two year old). I had contemplated making it a new year resoloution to do better this year, but on reflection I think that is a hiding to nothing. I have a new baby on the way at the beginning of February (at least I hope it will be then - I'm looking forward to having a month of peace off work before it arrives!) and once that arrives I'm likely to be stretched for time, though at least I won't have to be going into work every day. Anyway I have decided to do away with resoloutions for this year and just take things as they come - though hopefully over the next few weeks while I am off pre-baby and the munchkin is still in nursery I will have a bit of time to get done all the craft things I've been wanting to do but haven't had the time, but I know in reality the weeks will fly by and before I know it I'll be up all night feeding and all day changing nappies, so I'll just see what I can do in the time and even if that's only one thing then I'll be happy with that.

This pregnancy has been slightly frustrating in that when I went for the 21 week scan, they couldn't see the sex of the baby because the cord was in the way. I know some people like the idea of a suprise, but me I'm a planner. Having a little boy already I'm desperate to know if I should be getting all his old clothes down from the loft and washing them ready for boy number 2 or if I should be hitting the January sales with a vengance for some pretty girly clothes. Not to mention all the fabric I'd love to be buying to make a little quilt or some dresses or something while I still have time - frustrating!!!! I have another scan next week to check on a low lying placenta, so I've all my fingers crossed they'll be able to tell me then so I can make a start on making something or other. What do you think I can get done in three weeks?

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