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Monday, 17 December 2007

Star costume tutorial - step 5 Connect the Two Stars

Star costume
Originally uploaded by Cloth cat
Now you have the two stars, put them face together with one point pointing downwards (so you have two points going upwards). The two upwards points will sit on the shoulders. Cut two pieces of elastic to approx the length you will need to sit across your tot's shoulders. Pin one to each of the two points on the first star. Now comes the dangerous bit - hold the first star against your tot with the silver side facing inwards (making sure the pins don't go into him/her), drap the elastic over their shoulders and place the other star (silver side inwards) on their back. Now pin the elastic to the second star to form should straps. Take the costume off your tot and sew these pieces of elastic in place.

You could stop there, but the costume will stay in place better if there is something to hold it in place around the waist, so cut another two pieces of elastic to the approx side needed. Pin them either side of the first star on the back and put the costume back on your tot inside out. Pin the other ends of the elastic to the back of the other star so it holds it comfortably around the waist. Take the costume off your tot again and sew the elastic in place.

Ta-dah! You have now finished your star costume.

An alternative if you have less time or material is to only make the one star and instead of having elastic shoulder straps, you could put a tie around the neck (like for an apron) and another one around the waist.

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