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Monday, 17 December 2007

Star costume step 2 - making the pattern

Originally uploaded by Cloth cat
First time I tried this, I drew the star free hand and it came out very wonky. By all means if you're great at drawing draw one free hand, but if like me you're rubbish at drawing here's how to come up with something reasonable looking.

First measure your tot that will be wearing the costume to get an idea of the overall size that you want it to be. Then take a piece of pattern paper (I just used newspaper) and fold it in half. Mark a centre point on the fold then draw a line straight up approx half your overall size. This forms your first point (this will be a 5 pointed star).

To get the positions of the other points take a protractor and measure an angle of 72 degrees (360/5 as there are 5 points) and draw a line the same length as the first one. Then repeat this again to give the third point. Then bisect (cut in half) each of these angles with a line that's about 1/3rd the size of the fist line. Draw from each of this points making it a bit curved to give a nice shape.

Cut out round the lines, unfold and voila you have your star shape.

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