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Monday, 24 August 2009

Sewing again

It has been absoloutely yonks since I've had time to get the sewing machine out what with the littlest one only taking half hour naps and everything (arrrggghh). So I was delighted recently to finally get the chance to do a quick mini project I have been meaning to do for months. This little bag is a present for the daughter of a friend of mine. Originally I had hoped to do one for her birthday, but that came and passed with no time to get it done, but I've now done one as a thank you present instead(along with a box of something yummy for her mum) for lending me all her old clothes to use for my little girl.

It's a pretty basic design, but I'm very pleased with how it turned out, especially as it only took about an hour to knock together once I'd finally got round to digging my sewing machine again. It was also a nifty bit of up-cycling, the denim coming from my old pair of maternity jeans. The rear side (which I unfortunatly forgot to photograph) has a jeans pocket on it (no sewing required - just strategic placing of the pattern when cutting it out).

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